Chelmsford Community Transport Registration

Thanks for your interest in joining our scheme!



  • Annual individual registration is £18 (access to all services)
  • Annual joint registration is £24 (access to all services.  Please complete a form per person)
  • Non Scheme registration is free to join (access to minibuses only)
  • Hospital Transport registration is free to join (one off car journeys only.  Registration applies for subsequent journeys)
  • TERMS & CONDITIONS OF REGISTRATION Please read these Terms & Conditions prior to signing the registration form

    1. Office opening hours: phone lines are open for bookings Monday to Friday 9am – 2.30pm for bookings & cancellations, excluding Public Holidays.

    2. Chelmsford Community Transport is a non-profit organisation and relies upon volunteers and funding to offer its services.

    3. Whilst every effort will be made to provide transport there may be occasions when the service is limited or unavailable. All transport is subject to driver and vehicle availability.

    4. Bookings: all requests for travel must be booked by calling 01245 477750 or 01245 477789 - please press Option 1 to book or cancel a trip. Our phone lines are most busy in the morning. Please be flexible when booking a journey.

    5. Drivers: please do not book travel direct with our drivers. Any concerns should be taken up with the office and not the driver. Travel can only be altered with the prior approval of the office.

    6. Registration fee: to make use of the full scheme there is an annual £18 registration fee for individuals and £24 for couples or two people living at the same address. There is no registration fee if the passenger only wishes to make use of weekday minibus travel; however, passengers will not be able to use our social car scheme or excursion club without joining the full scheme.

    7. Hospital Transport: for those passengers requiring a “one-off” hospital trip using our social car scheme, there will be no registration fee. However, should passengers require subsequent trips the £18/£24 registration fee will apply before further trips can be booked.

    8. All trips using our volunteer car service will need to be paid in advance. A full refund can be arranged should the trip be cancelled with at least 2 hours’ notice or if we need to cancel the trip for any reason. When booking from outside of Chelmsford, medical trips always take priority.

    9. Weekend excursions: our weekend excursions are booked on a first come, first served basis. Bus passes cannot be accepted and there is a charge depending on the distance travelled which must be paid upon booking either over the phone using a debit or credit card, or by cheque. This is only refundable if you cancel with more than 7 days’ notice. More details are available upon request.

    10. Charges and payment: please show a valid bus pass when boarding one of our minibuses. All fares must be paid to the office in advance. A credit account can be set up on request if needed. Fares quoted are per passenger.

    11. Cancellations by you: all cancellations must be made to the office at least two hours before travel to avoid us paying unnecessary costs. Cancellations on the door will incur a cancellation fee for the full cost of travel.

    12. Cancellations by us: Chelmsford Community Transport reserves the right to cancel any travel in the event of unforeseen events or unavoidable circumstances, possibly without notice.

    13. Assistance: drivers are not trained in passenger assistance and are only expected to provide a steadying hand or assist carrying bags where necessary (you should only buy what you can carry as our drivers should not be carrying several bags of heavy shopping). Our drivers are also not permitted to enter your property, provide any first aid or personal/physical care.

    14. Risk Assessments: A risk assessment may be deemed necessary for passengers with declining health. Chelmsford Community Transport reserves the right to carry out such risk assessments if a passenger is deemed unsafe to travel. Passengers may be asked to travel with a carer if their needs are too great for our drivers.

    15. Wheelchair Users: Passengers are responsible for the upkeep of their own wheelchairs and should ensure it is regularly serviced. Passengers must have their own integral wheelchair strap fastened at all times. A wheelchair assessment will be carried out for all wheelchair users.

    16. Right to travel: Chelmsford Community Transport reserves the right to refuse transport if the passenger is deemed unsafe to travel for any reason.

    17. Drivers’ Tips: Drivers are not permitted to accept any form of monetary tip. There is a collection tin in every bus should you wish to make a donation to the charity. These funds go towards keeping the charity and its services accessible to all.

    18. Lost items: Chelmsford Community Transport is not responsible for any personal possessions left unattended in a minibus/car. Chelmsford Community Transport is not liable for any consequential loss, financial or otherwise incurred by passengers, following the non-availability of a vehicle, or the failure by Chelmsford Community Transport to provide a vehicle.
  • Each person of a couple must fill in a separate application form.
  • Husband, Wife, Friend, Neighbour etc.
  • Is Your Wheelchair:
  • Is Your Wheelchair Collapsible?
  • Does your wheelchair have a fitted and working lap-strap / safety belt? You MUST have one fitted to use our service. A wheelchair assessment will be undertaken before first journey
  • A Minibus Seat?
  • Please read

    A fare will be charged for non-concessionary passengers and transport in our car journeys

    I acknowledge that Chelmsford Community Transport is a non-profit making organisation and depends greatly on services provided by volunteers.

    I understand that while every effort will be made to provide me with transport as requested, there may be occasions when the service is limited or unavailable & that I should prepare to be flexible when booking my trip.

    I acknowledge that fares must be paid in advance. A credit account can be opened on request or payment over the telephone using a Debit/Credit card.

    I understand that bus passes can only be accepted on mini-bus travel and not in cars.

    I declare that the information given on this form is correct.

    I give my permission for Chelmsford Community Transport to use any appropriate information in the case of an emergency and when necessary to pass on any relevant information to the driver.

    I confirm that I have read and retained the terms and conditions above.
    Please tick the box if you are happy for us to keep your contact details on file and contact you in this way.