Bookings & Fares

Community  Transport Bookings

01245 477750 or 01245 477789

Booking office: Monday – Friday 9:00am – 2:30pm
Journeys 9am – 4.30pm Monday – Friday only.

Please allow 15 minutes either way for pick-up times.

Please contact us as soon as possible if you need to cancel your trip as this saves unnecessary costs.

Please phone us if your hospital or doctor’s appointment is delayed.


In order to send you the correct transport it is advisable to register.

There is an annual administration fee that is currently £12 for individuals, £15 for couples or 2 people living at the same address.
Click here to register.

Journey Cost Contributions
You will be told the expected minimum contribution at the time of booking. You may use your concessionary bus pass only for journeys in a MINIBUS.  You pay the driver in cash on the outward journey for both the outward and return trips. Please have the correct money – the driver may not have sufficient change if several passengers offer notes.

The return contribution is double the single one.

Accounts can be set up on request.

Essential escorts travel free.
Non-essential companions: Volunteer car contributions as in the table.
For journeys outside of Chelmsford please call us on 01245 477750

Miles £
(each way)
Miles £
(each way)
0 – 1 £3.00 8 – 10 £7.00
1 – 2 £3.50 10 + Please ask
2 – 3 £4.50
3 – 4 £5.00
4 – 5 £5.50
5 – 8 £6.00

For passengers living at the same address and travelling to the same destination in a car:
1st passenger pays full price, 2nd and subsequent passengers pay half price.