CCT logo Danbury bus with passengers


The bus runs each Monday and Friday
No service on bank holidays

This service will cease on 29 June 2018. Passengers should then use the normal dial-a-ride service instead.

  Round 1 Round 2
 Route A    
 - Library / Co-op 9:25 10:25
 - Chemists*   10:26*
 - Pedlars Path (via The Avenue and Mill Lane) 9:30 10:30
 - Dockwra (via The Avenue and Belvedere Road)* 9:40* 10:40*
 - West Belvedere including Belvedere Terrace 9:42 10:42
 - Danbury Medical Centre* 9:45* 10:45*
 - Library/Co-op 9:50 10:50
 Route B    
 - Library/Co-op 9:50 10:50*
 - Bus stop (near Barclays Bank) 9:52 10:52*
 - Little Baddow, Spring Close 10:00 11:00*
 - Danbury Medical Centre* 10:08* 11:08*
 - Library / Co-op 10:10 11:10*

* On request.                       Click here to download the timetable (pdf).

Minor diversions can be made at the discretion of the driver.

To be picked up from a request stop or nearby address, contact the driver on the bus mobile 07752 399309 during the schedule periods. If there is no answer, phone again after a couple of minutes - do NOT leave messages as they cannot be picked up. If you are unable to get through after several attempts, phone 01245 225434.

Concessionary bus passes can be used. If you do not have a bus pass, the minimum contribution is £3.00 for return journeys on the same morning.

We also go to Morrisons supermarket in Maldon once a month at approximately 11am after completing the second trip to Little Baddow. This is normally on the Friday after the third Monday each month. i.e:
25th May 2018
22nd June 2018
20th July 2018

Danbury Flyer route map