CCT logophoto of one of our minibuses


Registered charity No 1075724; Registered company No 3726024

Heart of Essex logoWe are proud to have won the 2016 Chelmsford City Council sponsor award towards further development of our hospital and social transport services. One of our minibus drivers also received a 'volunteer of the year' award.

Chelmsford Community Transport is a charity which started in 1996 to provide a service to those who cannot access public transport because of physical or mental limitations or rural exclusion. Our service aims to overcome transport barriers and enable everyone to participate more fully in society. It relies heavily on volunteers plus funding from the Chelmsford and Essex councils, our sponsor 'Caring Direct' and others. We provide independence and dignity to those who would otherwise feel isolated and lonely, often confined to their own homes.

The service is open to all residents in the City of Chelmsford area. A passenger must first become a member of the charity - currently we have over 1000.

All journeys must start and preferably finish within the Chelmsford area. We accept most kinds of journey, including shopping, social, recreational, medical and hospital appointments.

We currently operate five minibuses, each equipped with a wheelchair lift. There are both paid and volunteer drivers. In addition, we have a large team of volunteer car drivers using their own cars.

The 'Danbury Flyer' was set up as Danbury Parish Council's millennium project, largely on the initiative of Colin Budgey, who was then a parish councillor and subsequently chairman of Danbury Community Transport. Initially the Council was responsible for running the bus, but on 23 November 2005 Danbury Community Transport was set up as a company limited by guarantee. The service ran three days a week until January 2015, when falling passenger numbers and a shortage of drivers reduced the service to Mondays and Fridays. In June 2015, Danbury Community Transport merged with Chelmsford Community Transport, which enabled greater utilisation of the minibus.

The trustees are:
Christine Rycroft - Chairperson
Barry Reed - Deputy Chairperson
Alex Lees - Secretary
Brian Collings

The office manager is Clair Dade.